The Bonne map (chromo-topographical map of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the scale of 1:25,000) was originally produced between the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century. The Map Room has one series which covers the entire country. The year of publication is as close to 1900 as possible. The maps have been georeferenced and can be read in Autodesk Map or other GIS software with the correct coordinates. The files are provided in GeoTIFF format.

The map sheets are not available online. Use the form below to request (parts of) the digital map files from the TU Delft Library Map Room.

For the original prints of the Bonne maps you can go to the Trésor of the TU Delft Library.

Bonne map sheet layout.

From the beginning of the national mapping to the current modern 3D techniques, a short introduction to the history of the dutch cartography ;

"200 jaar kaarten maken in beeld, 1815-2015"

Experience yourself the history of 200 years topographical mapping in the application TOPOTIJDREIS !