Rules for using digital sources

If you wish to use the digital sources at TU Delft Library, there are a number of important conditions to which you must adhere. The content of academic and scientific sources is licensed for users who are recognised as employees or students of TU Delft by means of an IP-number or a dial-up account.

What is and is not permitted?

There are many different licences in use which impose a range of restrictions. However, there is agreement about certain actions which users are not permitted to carry out with digital materials. Below you find a list of the most important infringements.

This list is not intended as a set of binding legal conditions but rather as guidance for the appropriate use of academic material.

What happens in the event of misuse?

In the event of misuse, the IP address used will be blocked. In the most serious cases, the publisher will (temporarily) block all access for the licensee (TU Delft Library) to its information source. This will mean that noone at TU Delft will have access to that information at that time. In order to protect digital content across TU Delft, TU Delft Library will respond immediately to any abuse reported by publishers!