TU Delft patent portfolio

Scientific research often leads to new processes technologies and designs and thereby worth to protect by a patent. This way the intellectual property of TU Delft is secured. At the same time so commercially attractive for industry to invest in the invention.

Patent showcase

TU Delft has an interesting patent portfolio but a patent is only the beginning. A beginning that may lead to a profitable business or a successful venture or license agreement.

Easy to find on Esp@cenet

The following list refers to Esp@cenet, a freely accessible database featuring European patent information. Follow any of the links below to find: 

By subject

Esp@cenet also enables you to consult TU Delft patents by subject. The subjects are based on the International Patent Classification (IPC).


  1. Human necessities
  2. Performing operations: transporting
  3. Chemistry: metallurgy
  4. Textiles: papers
  5. Fixed constructions
  6. Mechanical engineering
  7. Physics
  8. Electricity

General information about patents