Unpublished work regarded as plagiarism

In the academic world, an article submitted to a scholarly journal or academic conference must contain original material. The degree of originality depends on the field involved.

It may be the case that your dissertation, master’s thesis or bachelor’s thesis contains passages that are highly similar to texts found in a manuscript that you write and submit as an article or for a conference proceeding. In such instances, the publisher can consider the submitted work to be ‘plagiarism’ because texts are quoted that have not been referenced. However, TU Delft considers such texts to be unpublished work because they constitute part of a work that has no official publication status. Texts in theses or dissertations often have no DOI and dissertations have no ISBN.

You can send the editor of the publisher <link library actuele-themas library-voor-onderzoekers publiceren-verspreiden je-publicatiestrategie-creeren standard-letter-on-unpublished-work _blank>a letter that explains TU Delft’s standpoint. The copyright team can also mediate for you. If the editor still refuses to accept your work, we can place the original texts in your thesis or dissertation under embargo. This means that your thesis/dissertation will no longer be indexed. Your work can then be considered original and the publisher can accept it.

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