Store, analyse and visualize your data

Store your data

TU Delft offers its employees several options for storing and exchanging research data safely. Solutions range from basic storage to storage were you can store, organize and exchange data with colleagues all over the world.

The table below summarizes the current storage possibilities. The solution that fits your research data depends on your specific (security) needs.

Goal and solution

I want to easily store data and share it selected others (in and outside of TU Delft).

SURFdrive allows you to store, synchronise and exchange 100 GB of research data safely and easily with third parties. You have easy access to your data files from any device. SURFdrive complies with Dutch and European privacy legislation. The data is stored safely in the Netherlands and is never made available to third parties, which is a marked advantage over services like Dropbox. 

I want to store and backup personal data.

Personal data storage offers a personal map with standard 8 GB and back-up.

I want to store, share and backup data with faculty colleagues.

Group data storage is a data storage facility for multiple users in the same tutorial, department or research group. The standard storage space for a group folder is 50 GB and back-up. 

I want to store raw data.

With bulk data storage large quantities of temporary or measuring data can be stored default without backup: contact your Faculty IT manager for the possibilities and costs of back-ups).

I want to store, backup and share data with other colleagues from TU Delft.

Project data storage is similar to group data storage. It’s a shared storage service for employees who are involved in interfaculty and other projects.

I want to regularly exchange data internationally between groups.

An secure FTP server is used for the regular sharing of data between groups, where some groups need to have different (read/write) rights. The default size of files is 10 GB. Contact your Faculty IT manager for the possibilities.

I want to share project information.

With Sharepoint you can share project information with third parties. Sharing information via SharePoint can decrease issues around version management and information retrieval.
Sharepoint is more designed to share project information than research data. The maximum size of a Sharepoint environment is 50 GB. The maximum file size is 50 MB. Sharepoint includes a backup. 

I want to store, backup, organise, annotate and share my data with others in and outside of TU Delft

DataverseNL is specifically designed to store, back-up, organise, annotate and share research data with colleagues all over the world. With this open source application you can grant multiple individuals controlled access to your data.

Analyze & visualize your data

Data analysis and visualisation are essential steps in preparing data for an open future where it can be readily understood and re-used. It is often a discipline specific skill with discipline specific tools. But whether you are using Excell, SPSS, R, Python, Java or any other software, it all comes down to the same thing: data analysis helps you figure out what your data is all about. Visualizing the results helps you tell the story of your data, making it understandable.

Tip: if you want to enhance your data analysis skills using spreadsheets and data visualization, consider following the online EdX course ‘Data analysis to the Max’.

Need help?

Contact Faculty IT management if you want advice on the software solution and protective measures (like encryption). If you want to set up an environment specifically designed to share research data – like a Dataverse data lab – contact 4TU.Centre for Research Data for assistance.

On the RDM portal  information on research data management is provided for every stage of your research project.