Open Access publishing

TU Delft Policy on Open Access Publishing

Open access enables unlimited and worldwide sharing of knowledge and information. This includes providing free online access to publications. Publishing open access offers benefits: more exposure for your work, professionals can apply your findings, reuse of work and higher citation rates for your publications. TU Delft Open Access policy states that an author must deposit an open access version of the article in Delft Repository. If a publication on an publishers platform is not possible the final accepted author's version is mandated.

All info on Open access publishing is captured in the Open Science Guide

In cooperation with scientists, policy makers, publishers and funders, TU Delft Library is developing applications to make open access publishing possible. Examples include the TU Delft Repository and  4TU.ResearchData.

Most open access articles can be found in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ, 2003)

Ever more important publishers exploit open access journals as part of their business model. Next to purely open access publishers as PLoS, Biomed, Frontiers and MDPI major publishers offer some kind of hybrid model or publish their journals as strictly open access.

Open access material originating from TU Delft is also found in large numbers in ArXiv, the world’s largest e-print service in the fields of natural sciences. TU Delft is an official supporter of ArXIv 2018-2022.

TU Delft agreements with Open Access publishers

With certain publishers TU Delft Library arranged special programs that ensure the exposure of your publications without costs for the author: 

National agreements with open access publishers

On the national level several agreements are made with publishers as Springer, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, Cambridge University Press and American Chemical Society. As a corresponding author with a affiliation of a Dutch university you can publish open access without cost for you as an author. All information on the agreements are on Specific information on the journal level is captured in the UKB Journal Browser.



Funder requirements

Funders such as NWO, ERC and the European Union-Horizon 2020 require that the results of research they have funded should be visible as open access publications in the public domain. 

If financing your article in order to publish open access is not an option TU Delft Library can assist you by financing all or part of it from the Open Access Fund, that was founded in 2008. Read more about the Open Access Fund.

Important open access sources

  • TU Delft Research repositories -52.000 publications
  • DOAJ – platform that includes 12.000 journals
  • DOAB – platform with access to 13.000 scientific open access books
  • NARCIS – national platform with access to 643.000 open access publications and data from Dutch Universities and research institutions
  • DART – platform with access to 784.000 electronic theses and dissertations from 620 European universities
  • OpenAire – European science platform with access to 20,5 million publications from 2.900 repositories
  • BASE – Largest open access aggregator that contains 134  million documents from 6.500 sources. The full text of about 60% of the indexed documents is accessible for free 
  • Unpaywall will show you after installation direct sight on 21 million open acces articles from 50.000 sources

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