Register research output via Pure

TU Delft has an Open Access policy. It requires that all TU Delft research output is stored in the TU Delft Repository;  because it’s our mission to make scientific knowledge accessible online and free of charge to all users. Please read the TU Delft Open Science Guide for more information.

Publications of TU Delft researchers are stored in the TU Delft Repository. (Co-)authors must store at least their final accepted author’s version of a peer-reviewed article (a post-print) with the required metadata in the TU Delft Repository via research information system Pure. To learn more about post-prints at TU Delft, read this explanatory Post-prints at TU Delft document.

There are two ways to enter research output in Pure: directly via the system itself or via the so-called structured email. The Instructions & Support page contains the instructions for both ways.  The Library checks the data and completes it when necessary. The publications are then stored in the TU Delft Repository. The publication is visible on the employee page of the researcher as soon as the publication is stored.

If you have questions about Pure and/or need support, please reach out to the Pure contact person at your faculty.