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The ambition of the Netherlands is to achieve 100% open access by 2020. Agreements have been made with many publishers about open access publishing. Unfortunately, this is not possible for all types of publications or journals. However, Dutch copyright law offers an alternative.

Article 25fa of the Copyright Act allows researchers to share short scientific works (e.g. articles & book chapters), regardless of any restrictive publishers' guidelines.

Taverne Amendment
The law states:The maker of a short scientific work, the research for which has been paid for in whole or in part by Dutch public funds, shall be entitled to make that work available to the public for no consideration following a reasonable period of time after the work was first published, provided that clear reference is made to the source of the first publication of the work.

The Dutch universities have decided to give open access an extra boost from 2019 by starting a pilot. On the basis of the Taverne Amendment, the publishers' versions of short scientific works can be shared after six months via the university repository. It is important that the researcher explicitly gives consent.

Conditions for participation
TU Delft Library will share  your publications via the TU Delft Repository. The period of publication after six months applies under the following conditions:

  • The publication is funded wholly or partly with Dutch public funds.
  • The author(s) has/had an employment contract with the TU Delft, which participates in the pilot. Authors can be corresponding- as well as co-authors.
  • It concerns a short scientific work; this has the length of a scientific article or book chapter in an edited collection.

Results of the pilot and follow-up

  • The faculties of Industrial Design Engineering, Architecture and the Built Environment, Aerospace Engineering and Civil Engineering and Geosciences have been selected for the pilot. This selection took place through a national benchmark. Researchers of these faculties have been approached to participate.
  • The pilot ran from February to the end of August 2019. In that period, more than 400 articles, book chapters and conference proceedings  were placed in the Delft Repository by more than 80 authors.
  • The results will be evaluated nationally in the coming period. After this, policies will be made by the Association of Dutch Universities-VSNU.
  • Although the pilot has ended, it is still possible to participate

>When participating, you sign an agreement in which it is agreed that TU Delft will share your publisher's version via the TU Delft Repository.

>TU Delft Library will verify the conditions with you and provide additional information to get the publication in the TU Delft Repository.

>Your short scientific work (article, book chapter) will be placed in the TU Delft Repository and can now be freely shared with scientists around the world.

  • If you receive questions at any time, for example from the publisher, TU Delft will take care of the correspondence for you.

As a result of the pilot, 530 articles have already been published in TU Delft Repository, including some articles of our Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen

More information and contact
You can find more background information and Q&As or you can email

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