Board of Editors

The TU Delft OPEN Publishing Board of Editors comprises of experts in their research fields and in publishing. 
The Board helps ensure the quality of our publications, and plays a key role in raising their impact and visibility. Board members embrace the philosophy of open publishing, and support and advise the Advisor Board of TU Delft OPEN Publishing in building editorial operations and strategies that best serve the TU Delft scholars community. 
The Board members: 

  • Review book and journals proposals
  • Edit manuscripts
  • Advise on reviewing policies
  • Recommend new members

 Each editor will be invited to review/edit a maximum of 3 manuscripts and proposals a year. 


Amin Askarinejad
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences | Geo-engineering |  TU Delft, NL

Bruno de Andrade
Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment | Heritage & Values| TU Delft, NL

Chiara Bisagni
Faculty of AE| Aerospace Structures & Computational Mechanics | TU Delft, NL

Maartje van den Bogaard
Plant Pathology and Microbiology | School of Agriculture and Lifesciences | Iowa State University, US

Geerten van de Kaa
Faculty of TPM | Economics of Technology and Innovation | TU Delft, NL

Oleg Krasnov
Faculty of EEMCS | Microwave Sensing, Signals & Systems | TU Delft, NL

Kaitai Liang
Faculty of EEMCS |Cyber Security | TU Delft, NL

Xavier Olive
ONERA | Information Processing and Systems | Toulouse, France
Areas of Expertise: Air Traffic Management, Machine Learning, Data visualisation, Programming languages.

Saket Pande
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences | Water Resources|  TU Delft, NL

Bishnu Patra
QuTech | Qubits and Quantum | TU Delft, NL

Enrico Spinielli
EUROCONTROL | Aviation Intelligence Unit | Brussels, Belgium
Areas of Expertise: Air Traffic Management, Data visualization, Programming languages, Statistical Inference, Air Navigation Service Providers Operational Performance Evaluation.

Junzi Sun
Faculty of AE | Control & Simulation | TU Delft, NL
Areas of Expertise: Air traffic management, Aircraft surveillance technologies, Aircraft performance and emission modeling, Trajectory optimization and prediction, Data science and AI for aviation.

Phil Vardon
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences | Geo-engineering |  TU Delft, NL

Yung Yau 
Lingnan University | School of Graduate Studies and Department of Sociology & Social Policy | Hong Kong, China
Areas of Expertise: Housing studies, Urban regeneration, Urban sociology

Interested in joining?

Are you interested in joining our Board of Editors and supporting TU Delft’s publishing initiative? 
Please fill in the form below. Our publishing officer will review your application and contact you via email within a week after your submission.  
Please note that we intend to publish the information you provided on this page (see other editors’ profiles below for reference), please let us know in the “Questions/Comments” field if you prefer otherwise. 

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