Data Champions rewards

Data Champions volunteer their time to promote good data stewardship. Therefore, it is essential that their efforts are appropriately rewarded, so that researchers feel incentivised to join the initiative, and motivated to continue volunteering their time. The following rewards and incentives are offered to those who decide to become Data Champions: 

Network building

  • Data Champions will be able to connect with and to learn from other people interested in data stewardship from other departments and faculties, including ICT and other service providers
  • Opportunities to attend international conferences:

    • Data Champions will be eligible to apply for travel grants from a dedicated Data Champions Travel and Training Fund to attend international conferences (discipline-specific or related to data stewardship) and to talk about their experience with data management and sharing

  • Other opportunities for international networking:

    • Data Champions will be forwarded information about any interesting conferences and workshops related to data stewardship
    • Data Champions will be offered the possibility to participate in other international activities, for example, SPARC Europe’s Open Data Champions

Inform development of research data services

  • Data Champions will be consulted (optional) about new central initiatives related to research data stewardship and software sustainability
  • Opportunity (optional) to become a member of a working group advising on the faculty’s data stewardship. The working group will be led by the Data Steward:

    • Data Champions will serve as the local Subject Experts, providing:

      • knowledge about data management practice in their local research communities
      • input for specific issues

  • Representatives of this group will be consulted and invited to provide advice on the Faculty’s Data Management policy
Financial incentives
  • Access to any new data stewardship-related funding opportunities available at TU Delft
  • Eligibility to apply for grants from a dedicated Data Champions Travel and Training Fund to organize or attend activities relating to research data management/sharing at TU Delft or elsewhere
Learn new skills
  • Data Champions will be given opportunities to attend training and workshops to learn more about good data stewardship and about data services available at TU Delft
  • By presenting to other researchers at departmental and faculty events and training, Data Champions will have opportunity to learn how to communicate effectively, and how to create engaging presentations
Increased Impact
  • Data Champions will become the local experts on data stewardship, and will be introduced as such to their Heads of Departments and Faculty Deans
  • Every Data Champion will have their profile created on a central Data Champions webpage to increase their visibility
  • Participation in the Data Champions programme is an excellent extracurricular activity to boost one’s CV
  • Opportunity for spotlight stories about datasets published in 4TU.Centre for Research Data
  • The increased visibility within the research community and the RDM “expert” status might create more opportunities to participate in (NWO/H2020) projects