Data ownership

Make sure you settle issues concerning data ownership at a very early stage of your research project. If you have a working relationship with TU Delft it is likely that TU Delft owns your research data, but check whether other arrangements have been made with third parties. Make arrangements about data exploitation explicit: Who can use the data? Who can publish (about) it? Who can provide it to third parties? Write down agreements between yourself, your supervisor and other interested parties in your Data Management Plan and let Legal Services have a look at it if you want to be completely sure that you understand each other.

Remember that the TU Delft Research Data Framework Policy expects you to deposit your research data, code and any other materials needed to reproduce research findings in a research data repository in accordance with the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible,Interoperable and Reusable), unless there are valid reasons not to do so.

If you want to re-use data of others, check the data license that the data creator has applied. A data license states what you can and cannot do with the data. If such a data license isn’t available, follow the steps in this brief guideline to quickly determine what consent you might need.

Visit the Copyright information point for more information about copyrights and licenses.

Email for advice on data ownership questions.

On the RDM portal information on research data management is provided for every stage of your research project.