Open Education


TU Delft has adopted the definition of the Open Education Consortium.

“Open education encompasses resources, tools and practices that employ a framework of open sharing to improve educational access and effectiveness worldwide.”

The open education project line of TU Delft builds on initiatives that have started over 10 years ago with the introduction of OpenCourseware and later the introduction of MOOCs. Quality and innovation are key values and open education practices contribute to excellence and impact of education.

To achieve these goals, we support teachers in adopting and adapting modern teaching and learning methods through open education. Support includes training, advise, tools, infrastructure (to publish assets) to create and share material, individually or in collaboration with peers.


  • Currently TU Delft is an international frontrunner in Open Education (as mentioned in MIT report). This benefits our reputation and makes us an attractive university to work and study.
  • Open Education has been an important driver for innovating and improving our campus education.
  • With the rising costs for student, open education can contribute to keep education accessible and affordable and even makes it more flexible.
  • Open education can give teachers a wider audience that will bring them more recognition and appreciation
  • Open Education contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Open Education contributes to less vendor lock in and costs when changing tooling; more flexibility to profit from and keep up with innovations in the supporting (education) technology.

What have we done so far

TU Delft is active in several areas and is often seen as a frontrunner which is confirmed by the 25 granted awards. ESA, ICT and the Library have teachers supporting services in place, organize trainings and run various projects to further innovate in education. We participate in institutional, national and international  initiatives. 


  • Institutional initiatives: Open Science programme, Open & Online Education Programme
  • National collaboration: SURF Versnellingsplan
  • International collaboration: Open Education Consortium, edX, SEFI, EDEN

Operations & open assets

  • Copyright/open license helpdesk
  • OpenCourseWare course publishing on OpenCourseWare platform (250 OCW Courses)
  • MOOC production on edX platform (95 MOOCs)
  • Open textbooks publishing on OpenTextBook platform (6 OpenTextbooks)
  • Open assessment & exercises on Open Exercise platform
  • Open standard for reuse of material as part of procurement process in selecting tooling


  • Introduction to open education
  • Finding, sharing and caring for educational resources
  • Copyright workshop for teachers
  • Open textbook in a day

Ongoing projects

  • OEGlobal Conference 2018 (finished)
  • eStudyBooks
  • OpenTextbooks publishing
  • OER Search Engine
  • PRIME and Digital Skills (open as tooling requirement)