Open Publishing

To stimulate open access publishing amongst TU Delft researchers,  TU Delft offers  a variety of services that enable our authors to publish their work open access either on a TU Delft platform or with a reliable publishing partner.  The key goal of Open Publishing is to create an even more efficient and impactful TU Delft Open Access Publishing service and partnership to support your publishing plans.


Our Open Publishing aspirations are:

  • Make researchers aware of Open Publishing opportunities and requirements 
  • Get researchers to commit to Open Publishing 
  • Inspire researchers to publish Open Access


Open Publishing will encompass services in all stages of you publishing plans: 

  • Books, theses, new journals, conference proceeding and more, will be openly available both digitally via the TU Delft platform and physically via Printing on Demand to enable broad dissemination to the scientific community and to the world. 
  • It will offer comprehensive advice and guidance about costs opportunities
  • It will  provide tools for text-similarity check 
  • Easy workflows will guide you through assigning digital object identifiers such as DOI or ISSN, and indexing to scientific platforms, 
  • It will guarantee sustainable archiving via TUD Repository

Please come back and visit this site to follow our progress.

You can find more information about Open Access publishing in Open Access journals on this page, including a list of Open Access journals that the TU Delft is affiliated with. 

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