Open Software


Software is crucial for 21st-century research: 92% of researchers use software for their research. This project line coordinates TU Delft’s approach to ensure critical software is sustained, that research staff are equipped both with the needed skills and expert support, and the importance of software as a critical part of the research workflow (and sometimes as exploitable intellectual property) is acknowledged and recognised.


Software is a key part of nearly all research. Therefore adopting a professional approach to supporting its use in research is essential if staff are to undertake high-quality research.

What have we done so far

Together with ICT, Legal Service and Valorisation Centre, TU Delft Library has:

  • initiated hands-on training for coding skills
  • implemented a GitLab instance for inhouse code management and  versioning
  • created draft guidelines for researchers wishing to share Open Source Software
  • commenced walk-in consultations Coding Lunch & Data Crunch to help staff solve specific programming issues

The Open Software plans for the future will be announced as part of the Strategic plan Open Science 2020-2024.