Academic Writing Assistant.

Are you writing an academic text? Use the tool ‘Academic Writing Assistant’ to support your writing process. 

What is it?

The writing assistant gives you tips and comments regarding the structure, style and spelling of your text.

Where can you find it?

The writing assistant is available at via a login. The login codes are published on the TU Delft intranet. The writing assistant works on the current version of all browsers. If not please let us know. The writing assistant doesn’t work properly on tablets and smartphones.

How does it work?

  • Select your text in and copy/paste it in the text box of the writing assistant.
  • The writing assistant consists of two components. One component highlights possible problems in your text (tab Text review), the other component provides information regarding specific words and word combinations (tab Vocabulary resources).
  • Each component has various control items. Each control item shows additional information above your text. Usually some words or phrases from your text will be marked, indicating that something could be improved. Sometimes additional information is offered when you hover you mouse over the marked phrase.
  • Sometimes you will have to click on a link in the text with additional information to make the marked phrases appear.
  • The notification Processed indicates that the checks have been executed.
  • Changes can be made directly into the text box.
  • When all changes have been made, copy/paste your text from the text box into your original document.
  • The writing assistant operates with a ‘plain text’ format without any layout. Do not use the writing assistant with formatted text.
  • Critically examine the tips and comments. Change your text once you are convinced that the changes are correct.
  • Make copies of your text regularly to prevent loss of content in case of a technical error.
  • Select Log Out User (bottom left) to quit your session. Your text will be removed from the writing assistant and from your browser.


In order to improve the application, the KU Leuven keeps track of:

  • Marked words in the text review item Spellchecker UK and Spellchecker US.
  • Sentences with marked words in the text review item Linking words and phrases.


The tool has been developed by the Leuven Language Institute from KU Leuven. 

The KU Leuven will continue working on improving the writing assistant. Do you have a suggestion for an improvement? Please send an email to