TU Delft has a pilot with BioRender institutional access which runs until the end of 2022. If you’re interested to sign up please contact

BioRender allows you to create professional figures in minutes through the use of pre-made icons and templates. This allows you to:

  • Draw more attention to your research
  • Communicate your research more effectively (models, experimental methods or biochemical pathways)
  • Create figures faster as you do not have to draw from scratch  
  • Get started immediately, as BioRender is easy to use compared to other illustrator programmes
  • Create a graphical abstract that summarises the key conclusions of your article
  • Create icons from structures in the Protein Data Bank (an open access archive for 3D structure data for proteins and nucleic acids)


How to use BioRender?

BioRender can be used in any browser after signing up for an account. BioRender allows you to use icons that you can drag-and-drop and alter according to your preference. If the icon you need is not available you can request BioRender to create the icon for you.


You can export complete figures from Biorender in any academic journal where you like to publish. As an author you are required to cite "Figure Made in" in all figure captions or in the acknowledgement or methods sections. For open access journals, published with an open license, the figures published can be re-used and adapted provided that any re-uses or adaptations do not violate BioRender’s Copyrights.

Do you have any questions?

Please send an email