Engage in social media en analyse your presence

Do you have questions or concerns about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, weblogs, Yammer, Wikipedia or more? From basic questions such as 'How do I create an account for Twitter' to questions such as 'How does social media fit in with my communication strategy?'. Get in touch with communication colleagues at your faculty.

Analyse your presence

Also make use of article metrics and alternative metrics (altmetrics) to track what people say about papers online.   As a researcher itā€™s important to know what people say about your work. Increasingly you need to show the impact your papers, books and datasets may have beyond just citations. Or you need to show your outreach to the society via blogs and other media. This is possible with some available altmetric tools. The Library can help you generate and analyse your alternative metrics. Send an email to library@tudelft.nl and we will contact you.