Publish your own Open Access journal

You may be considering setting up a new journal about, for example, an emerging field of research. To create your journal you can make use of the open source software Open Journal Systems (OJS). By making your new journal open access, you optimize its visibility and potential readership. You can get customized support from TU Delft Library for the installation and implementation of this software, including the server space, at no cost.

Another option is to publish your journal with a reliable publisher such as Copernicus or IOS Press who understand your requirements,  position in the academia and financial options.

To promote your journal use indexing via Google and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), the largest aggregator of open access content.  A set of criteria is involved that you can find on the DOAJ website.

TU Delft has a direct association with the following Open Access journals, in alphabetical order:

  • A+BE  Architecture and the Built Environment publishes exclusively PhD theses of the TU Delft Graduate School of Architecture and the Built Environment. Started in 2011
  • Drinking Water Engineering and Science aims to be the leading scientific open access journal for the publication of original research in drinking water treatment. Started in 2008
  • European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research EJTR is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, freely accessible through the internet and aims to present the results of high-quality scientific research to a readership of academics, practitioners and policy-makers. Started in 2000
  • Footprint is an academic journal dedicated to publishing architecture and urban research. Architecture and urbanism are the points of departure and the core interests of the journal. Started in 2007
  • Heron is a joint publication by TNO Built Environment and Geosciences, Delft, and the Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Construction. Started in 1953
  • Hydrology and Earth System Sciences HESS is an international two-stage open access journal for the publication of original research in hydrology, placed within a holistic Earth System Science context. Started in 1997
  • Hydrology and Earth System Discussions HESS peer-review of submitted papers are handled in the open access discussion journal HESSD. Started in 2011
  • International Planning History Society (IPHS) is dedicated to the enhancement of interdisciplinary studies in urban and regional planning history worldwide. Started 2010
  • Journal of Facade Design and Engineering is a journal multidisciplinary journal that touches scientific disciplines as Climate Design, Building Physics, Structural Physics, Structural Design and more. Started in 2013
  • Journal of Integrated Security Science (JISS) aimed at publishing innovative scholarly manuscripts that make a significant contribution – theoretically or empirically – to all areas of physical security. Will start in 2017
  • Journal of Supply Chain Management Science (JSCMS) is a peer-reviewed journal aims to publish high-quality papers on quantitative approaches to supply chain management. Started 2016 
  • Mechanical Sciences intends to be an international forum for dissemination of original contributions in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics. Started in 2011
  • Research in Urbanism Series RiUS is an indexed peer-reviewed book series that deals with dynamics, planning, and design in contemporary urban areas. Started in 2010.
  • SPOOL is a journal in the field of ‘architecture and the built environment with a strong emphasis on four key topics: Science of Architecture, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency Building, and Urban Europe. Started in 2013.
  • Student Undergraduate Research E-journal! SURE! is the e-journal of the annual Student Research Conference in the Netherlands, a contest for undergraduate research of Dutch and Flemish universities and universities of applied sciences. The SRC provides a platform in which students can present their bachelor research. The SRC welcomes submissions from all disciplines; ranging from anthropology to medicine. Started 2015
  • Superhero Science and Technology Superhero Science and Technology presents new and novel research from science, technology and ethics as motivated by the superhero genre. Started 2017.
  • Wind Energy Science Interactive journal of the European Academy of Wind Energy. Chief editor TU Delft. Started 2016 

For more information about setting up an open access journal, you can make an appointment via