DOI for publications

A DOI is a digital object identifier, a unique and permanent means of identification for a file on the internet. Electronic publications from scientific publishers usually contain a DOI. The metadata of the object is stored together with the DOI and includes information about the permanent location on the internet. The TU Delft Library is co-founder of DataCite, one of the parties that allocate DOIs in the Netherlands. TU Delft Library has set up DataCite Netherlands for this.


TU Delft Library creates DOIs for most dissertations that are stored in the TU Delft Repository. DOIs are also created on request for papers, conferences or reports for which the Repository is the primary digital location. If you want to register a publication and publish it in TU Delft Repository and like to provide it with a DOI, please contact Team Repository via Ask Your Library.


On the Cite your data webpage of the Research Data Management portal you can find information about linking a DOI to your dataset.

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