Request an ISBN or ISSN

When you wish to publish serial- or individual publications  you can request an ISBN or ISSN through the TU Delft Library.

All TU Delft staff members and students can request an ISBN or ISSN. You can do this, free of charge, with the ISBN application form or the ISSN application form.


Independent publications (books, theses and reports, etc.) must be officially registered with an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). With a unique ISBN, you increase the findability and the accessibility of your publication. It is possible to search using an ISBN number in many catalogues and libraries (for example, all ISBN-registered publications are included in Brinkman's Cumulative Catalogue).


The International Standard Serial Number is a unique and internationally approved number for the identification of the titles of serial publications. This number facilitates the exchange of information between publishers, distributors, researchers, libraries and users. It also facilitates searches through automatically generated data and exchanges of data between data providers.

Contact Ask Your Library, the TU Delft Library customer service, if you would like to know more.