Video services for researchers

The NewMedia Centre – part of the TU Delft Library – offers several video (and video related) services. What they can do for you:

Record your event or conference with Collegerama

TU Delft employees can apply for a recording of an event/conference.

If you want a recording of an event, you can make an application via the application system  op the Collegerama website. You will need your NetID (application via e-mail is not possible). On this page you can fill what needs recording. If there are costs involved with the application, this will be indicated here. If we do need to charge you for certain costs, you will need a budget or project code.

On the basis of your application you will receive an indication of the costs. The application can only be processed definitely after approval of this quotation. Note: all (external) speakers need to give their approval prior to the recording. If they do not give their permission, than this person will not be recorded. 

Recording your own video

Would you like to make your own video? The NewMedia Centre has a small ‘Do it yourself studio’, in which each TU Delft employee can record their own video after a short explanation. This studio has space for max two people and has a professional camera and microphone, an autocue (so you can read your script while facing the camera), the right lighting and a green screen. TU employees can book the studio free of charge.

Requesting a video production

The NewMedia Centre produces videos for various purposes:

  • teaching (such as blended learning, MOOCs, or Professional Education (ProfEds))
  • promotion (such as a new service, conference or research group)
  • information (such as instructions)

The video service is fine-tuned and delivered in consultation with the client. More information and examples of our videos can be found on our Youtube channel.

Videos for on-campus teaching purposes can be made free of charge. For videos for other purposes we will give a price indication and costs will be charged through the TU Delft finances system.  

The NewMedia Centre has a professional recording studio with green screen and the latest audio and visual equipment, operated by experienced technicians.

Please send a message to for an intake appointment.

Graphic designs/Animations

The NewMedia Centre has a lot of experience with graphic designs for books, reports, posters, certificates and flyers. We do not print ourselves, but we could arrange that for you. For on screen we create 2D-animations, 3D-animations, infographics/illustrations, (PowerPoint) presentations and website design. More information and examples of our graphic product scan be found here.

Animations or presentations for MOOCs are free of charge. Other graphic productions will be charged through the TU Delft finances system.

Please contact us via to discuss the possibilities.