Workshop: Maximise your visibility as a researcher

‘Maximise your visiblity as a researcher’ is a hands-on workshop about the different research registration channels and systems that are available to researches (e.g. Pure,, Google Scholar, ResearchGate), which channel or system to use for which purpose and how using the right channels and systems can increase your visibility and impact as a researcher. Questions that are addressed during the workshop are:

  • Where do I start managing my research output?
  • Which research registration system is most reliable and sustainable? Which registration system should I use?
  • How do I ensure my research output has impact in the academic community and on the society?
  • Who can help me define my publishing strategy in order to increase visibility?
  • What are tips and tricks to make sure my research will be read?
  • How important is it to use Open Access? Does it apply to research data too?
  • What happens to my author-rights if I publish open access?
  • Should I have an author identifier and which?
  • How important is it to engage in social media?
  • What about altmetrics?

The workshop is offered in consultation with faculties. Send an email to to get more information and to discuss the possibilities.