You share, we take care !

The ambition of the Netherlands is to achieve 100% open access. Agreements have been made with many publishers about open access publishing. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible for all types of publications or journals. However, Dutch copyright law offers an alternative.

Article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act, better known as Taverne amendment,  allows researchers to share short scientific works (e.g. articles & book chapters), regardless of any restrictive publishers' guidelines.

The "You Share, We Take Care!" pilot is part of the national open access policy. The Association of Dutch Universities (now called Universities of The Nederlands) and the National Open Science Platform (NPOS) decided this in the autumn of 2019. Taverne is captured as a project in the TU Delft Open Science Programme 2020-2024

Therefore short scientific works (articles, conference proceedings or book chapters) can be made available six months after the first publication via university repositories, at the request of the author (s).

This construction  does not meet the requirements of Plan S because articles become available after an embargo of 6 months. Funders have a mandate based on open access publishing without any embargo.
Taverne is therefore the solution for articles and other short work where there are no open access agreements with a publisher and where there are no obligations of a financier.

Since the introduction of  'You share, we take care'  a total of 4100 short scientific works have been published open access by 510 TU Delft researchers via TU Delft Repository. 

Publication year:




2021 2022

Peer-reviewed articles




360 306

Conference papers




302 197

Book chapters




53 42


Conditions for participation
TU Delft Library will share  your publications via the TU Delft Repository. The period of publication after six months applies under the following conditions:

  • The author(s) has/had an employment contract with the TU Delft, which participates in the pilot. Authors can be corresponding- as well as co-authors.
  • It concerns a short scientific work; this has the length of a scientific article or book chapter in an edited collection.
  • The publications cannot be placed in commercial platforms such as Research Gate. In these environments you can link to the publications in TU Delft Repository
  • The effective date of work that qualifies for You share, we take care! is January 1, 2018.

How can you participate?

  • When participating, you sign a personal agreement in which it is agreed that TU Delft will share your short work via the TU Delft Repository. The model license can be requested at
  • The TU Delft Library will verify the conditions and possibly request additional information from you in order to receive the publications in the TU Delft Repository. If the TU Delft Library does not have digital publications of a work, you as the author will be called upon to do deliver these. The limit we set for taking up work older than the default of 2018  is the year 2015.
  • Your short scientific work (article, conference proceeding, book chapter) will be placed in the TU Delft Repository. After lifting the embargo you can now be freely shared your work with scientists around the world.
  • If you receive questions at any time, for example from the publishers side, TU Delft will take instantly care of the correspondence for you
  • Frequently Asked Questions: You share, we take care!

More information and contact
You can find more background information and Q&As or you can email

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