Opt-out Open Access short academic work

Opt-out form: Open Access short academic work TU Delft – 10-December 2022

Based on article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act and the “TU Delft Regulation on Open Access for short academic work”, as determined by the TU Delft Executive Board on November 8th November 2022, the final published version of short academic work with a TU Delft affiliation (articles, conference papers and book chapters in edited volumes) becomes openly available in the TU Delft Repository. The work becomes available in full text six months after the first publication date, regardless of terms and conditions of the publisher.

As a consequence, eligible publications in the TU Delft Repository will automatically be openly available after six months, unless you opt out for a specific publication, or you opt out for all your short academic work.


Do you have any questions or remarks? Or do you want to undo a previous opt-out?