Curious about who we are?

Our purpose

The DCC is the home of our Support Team consisting of data managers and research software engineers  Our purpose is helping researchers to develop skills to apply the FAIR principles to their research activities and reach their software development goals. The support team is an addition to the task force supporting Open Science at TU Delft, which also includes the Faculty’s ICT Managers and Data Stewards. 

The support team of the DCC can provide researchers with IT skills, good practices and toolsets required for implementing the FAIR principles into any research project. Adopting the FAIR principles into your research project will increase the relevance and value of your research outputs (publications, data, code, etc.). Research funding bodies and open access journals are increasingly asking researchers to make their research outputs FAIR. At TU Delft, the Open Science Programme is committed to making open research and education a daily practice, and the DCC is part of that commitment.

The support team also accepts assignments to work closely with the research teams at TU Delft for a short period. This type of support is aimed at research projects which see the development of scientific software as one of their outcomes. Or research projects that, because of their nature, demand expert advice on the design and implementation of data management workflow for doing research-outputs reusable and interoperable.

Who is who

Our team currently consists of a data manager, Ashley Cryan and a vacancy for a second data manager, our HPC specialist Dennis Palagin, four research software engineers Niket Agrawal, Maurits Kok, Manuel Garcia Alvarez and Jose Urra Llanusa and Julie Beardsell as the DCC coordinator, based in the TU Delft Library and ICT/Innovation department, respectively.


Data Manager

Julie Beardsell

Coordinator DCC

Expertise: ICT for Research