How to apply for project support

The call for applications for DCC support is now closed

About the call

Two or three times per year the DCC sends out a call for hands-on support for projects with software development and/or data management components. The DCC team members will join your research group part-time for a period of 3-12 months to assist you with finding solutions, transferring best practices and techniques, and setting up computing infrastructure for your project. In line with our mission, we will focus on projects that are willing to apply the FAIR principles in pursuing their specific research goals. Projects should also be open to exploring the benefits of joining open science through implementing best practices such as documenting project data and code and working collaboratively.

Take a look at the showcase projects displayed here to see what was accomplished in past projects.

Each call might have a slightly different focus, but the eligibility criteria remain the same.

Eligibility criteria

Projects must meet the following criteria in order to be considered eligible for DCC support:

  1. The project involves data management, research software, and/or execution of computational tasks
  2. One or more people in your research group are committed to co-developing solutions for the duration of the collaboration with the DCC
  3. The deliverables of the project can be shared as openly as possible to contribute to more Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable research outcomes
  4. The project has a Data Management Plan (DMP), or the applicant agrees to create one within the scope of the DCC support activities (when the project involves a data component)
  5. The person(s) who will co-develop the solutions has experience with programming and version control with Git (when the project involves a software component)

Selection criteria

Due to the limited capacity of the DCC team, we unfortunately cannot offer support to all the applications that meet the eligibility criteria. Applications will be subject to a selection procedure. In assessing the applications, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. The project is at a stage where DCC support can produce tangible results and will create a meaningful impact for the research group or community
  2. A mid- to long-term (3-12 month) period of DCC support is required
  3. The expected deliverables of the support request have a wider impact within the research community and are likely to be (re)used by others
  4. The goals of the project are feasible to achieve during the support period by the DCC
  5. The requested technical skills are available in the DCC team, or it is realistic for the DCC team to obtain them during the support period
  6. One or more people in your research group has sufficient technical skills to collaborate with the DCC
  7. The applicant will give appropriate credit (see CrediT taxonomyto the DCC team member(s) for their contributions

Selection Procedure

The selection of applications for DCC support involves the following phases:

  • Call for applications open: Applicants prepare and submit their applications. 
  • First review of applications: The DCC will do an initial review of submitted applications according to the eligibility and selection criteria. Pre-selected applications will move to the next phase.
  • Intake meetings: Applicants of pre-selected applications will be invited to a meeting in which the DCC team will gather additional information about the project and the support request. 
  • Final review: The DCC will further assess the pre-selected applications and decide which of these are the best candidates for support. 


Autumn 2022 Call for DCC support applications open

5th September 2022 – 5th October 2022

Intake meetings

October 2022

Final decision

7th November 2022

DCC hands-on support

November 2022 – November 2023

Spring 2023 Call for DCC support applications open

Spring 2023


More information

If you would like more information before submitting an application, please contact us by email:


The current round of applications is closed. We expect the next round to open in spring 2023. 


If you would like to be informed about future calls that may have a different focus, please sign up here.


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