How to apply for project support

The DCC team supports researchers in improving software development and data management practices. Team members will temporarily join research groups to work together on setting up or improving working practices, workflows and software development.

A suitable assignment combines a research goal with a data and/or software engineering hurdle to be overcome.

What can be applied for?

You can request that a DCC team member joins your group for up to two days per week, for a period of up to 6 months.

If at all possible, the DCC team member will be physically present in your group for at least one day per week. You will be expected to have someone from your group available to work together with the DCC team member and to supply a suitable workspace for them, including a desk, adjustable office chair and monitor.

The rest of the time, the DCC team member will work closely with other DCC team members, so that you also benefit from their shared knowledge and skill sets.

Who may apply?

The applicant must have a TU Delft contract until at least one year after the application’s deadline, so that continuity of the assignment’s deliverables is ensured. If the applicant’s contract ends earlier than one year after the application’s deadline, a co-signer is required whose contract runs until at least one year after the application’s deadline. The co-signer will be closely involved in the kick-off, midterm and final review of the assignment as the person responsible for the continuity of the deliverables.

How will the applications be assessed?

Assignments will be assessed on the criteria below. Preference will be given to assignments that satisfy all criteria.

  • The assignment extends the research possibilities of the applicant.
  • The assignment end products have a wider impact and can be (re)used by others.
  • The assignment generates open source software and/or FAIR data.
  • The estimated workload appears realistic to the DCC team and is within the 2 days/week for maximum 6 months limit.1
  • The requested technical skills are available in the DCC team, or are desirable and realistic to obtain for the DCC team during the assignment.
  • The assignment is different in some way from previously accepted assignments.1
  • The assignment is from an underrepresented TU Delft faculty in the accepted assignment portfolio.1
  • The people involved have appropriate employment contracts.2
  • There is a Data Management Plan (DMP) in place.
  • The applicant plans to give appropriate credit to the DCC team member(s).
  1. To increase assignment diversity in the 2 year DCC team pilot period.
  2. See the paragraph above on ‘Who may apply?’
  3. The CRediT taxonomy provides useful guidance on how people’s contribution to research outputs could be recognised.

More information

If you would like more information before submitting an application, please send us an email.


The call for support applications is now closed. We expect to run a next application round in September 2021. If you want to be notified about the opening of the call, please fill out this form.