How to apply for project support

Conditions for eligibility

Whether you are a principal investigator, a postdoc, or a PhD candidate, any researcher at TU Delft can apply for support from our DCC support team. The most important conditions for receiving support are:

  1. You have a research task that involves data management, research software or scripting, and/or computational tasks  
  2. You identify one or more people in your research group who are committed to co-developing solutions and building digital competencies via training, consultations, and hands on-support
  3. The deliverables of the project can be shared as openly as possible and will have a wider impact within the research community
  4. (when the project involves a data component) You have or are working on a Data Management Plan (DMP), or agree to create one within the scope of the DCC support activities

How do we support researchers?

Members of our support team act as expert consultants, co-developers, trainers, and mentors to point you to available solutions and transfer best-practices, techniques, and infrastructure on a per-project basis. We translate the application of the FAIR principles in the context of your specific research goals and communicate the benefits of joining open science, documenting project data and code, and working collaboratively.

How will the applications be reviewed

We try to review projects considering their status of development and goals ensuring that we support projects in varying stages of maturity and coming from diverse research disciplines. The level and the type of support to be granted will depend on the following criteria:

  • The support request extends the research possibilities of the applicant
  • The anticipated end products of the support request have a wider impact within the research community and can be (re)used by others
  • The support request generates FAIR data and/or software
  • The estimated workload of the support request appears realistic (30 to 340 hours) to the DCC team and there is capacity to take on the support request.
  • The requested technical skills are available in the DCC team, or are realistic to obtain for the DCC team during the support period
  • The applicant plans to give appropriate credit to the DCC team member(s) for their contributions1


  1. The CRediT taxonomy provides useful guidance on how others’ contributions to research outputs could be recognised

After applying, you can expect the following:

  • We will carefully review your application to decide which kind of support we can offer you. We will provide further recommendations and next steps to be discussed with you
  • Each applicant will receive at least a minimum level of support in the form of a project review and recommendations
  • If your project is selected for hands-on support, you will receive between 30 and 340 hours of support (within a maximum duration of 6 months) 

Take a look at the showcases on display here to see what was accomplished in past projects.


More information

If you would like more information before submitting an application, please contact us by email:


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