Need some support for your research?

The DCC support team can help you organize your research workflow in many aspects related to data and software. We do so by implementing FAIR best practices, offering training on the  use of digital tools, and connecting you to the right people within our network who can assist or advise you. Below is a list of examples on support activities we can provide:

Data Management

  • Setting up workflows, tools, and platforms to facilitate reproducible data analysis
  • Implementing a (meta)data documentation standard relevant to your research domain
  • Choosing among and working with data management tools available at TU Delft
  • Scoping and trialling suitable solutions for (shared) data storage, access, back-ups, and collection
  • Structuring and preparing data for deposition in a research data repository such as 4TU.ResearchData


  • Discussing general guidelines for building and deploying research software
  • Enhancing existing software through code and repository reviews, restructuring, modularisation, and applying best practices for quality control, extensibility, and maintainability
  • Setting up software testing and automation
  • Publishing, packaging, distribution, and release of software for reproducible research

Computational Workflows and High-performance Computing

  • Working remotely with servers and virtual environments 
  • Using HPC clusters and performing parallel computations
  • Automating components of your research workflow related to reading, processing, and producing data for your analysis
  • Compiling and running MPI-parallelized software
  • Providing advice on HPC-compatible algorithms and applications
  • Working with Linux/Bash

Reproducibility, Documentation and Collaboration

  • Sharing and implementing best practices for documenting data and code
  • Generating metadata based on discipline-specific standards
  • Setting up reproducible and containerised environments

Consulting on Developing Local Competence and Project Sustainability

  • Connecting you to departmental software developers and data managers
  • Sharing information about the roles and requirements to create local Research Software Engineer or Data Manager capacity, and offering mentorship and guidance to the person in this role
  • Helping you organize and work collaboratively with your research group using digital tools like GitLab

Check out the descriptions of some of our projects on the page with examples.

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