Support in reading study material

TextAid read-aloud software

Do you have a disability which makes it difficult for you to read the course material? Then as a student at TU Delft you are entitled to make use of the licence for the TextAid read-aloud software free of charge. This programme reads text out loud, whether it be course material or online texts. Click here for more information, or contact the central student counsellors from Horizon, e-mail:

TU Library Text Conversion Service

TextAid uses texts in PDF. Students can use the TU Library Text Conversion Service to convert printed course materials into PDFs. For each title you want converted, fill in this form and hand it in to the information desk at the Library. All the PDFs are available via the closed “Reading Support” database." If you would like to use the conversion service and this database, check for more info

Important: both the TextAid licences provided by TU Delft and the PDFs in the “Reading Support” database are for personal use only. It is not permitted to share the PDFs with any third party.