TU Delft and WUR sign Open Access agreement with IWA Publishing

TU Delft and WUR sign Open Access agreement with IWA Publishing

Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University & Research (WUR) have signed a new Read and Publish agreement with IWA Publishing. In this deal both universities have access to the complete IWA Publishing portfolio and complete open access publication rights. Article Processing Charges (APC) for accepted manuscripts where the corresponding author is affiliated with TU Delft or WUR are part of the deal and will thus be funded directly by the university.  

The central funding of APCs allows for a more streamlined experience for authors from Delft and WUR who publish in IWA Publishing journals. Providing the eligibility requirements are met, no additional steps are required on the author’s part other than stating their affiliation to TU Delft or WUR at the time of submission. The invoicing and payment process will be handled automatically by IWA Publishing staff, with the teams at TU Delft and WUR having oversight of the manuscript metadata for monitoring and approval purposes. The agreement will come into effect on January 1st 2019.

Removing the barriers to and reducing the friction in the Open Access publishing process are both key priorities for IWA Publishing and the Dutch universities. 

Just de Leeuwe, publishing advisor from TU Delft, says: ‘We are happy to participate with IWA Publishing on this initiative what we see as a potential successful transition model for open access publishing’

 Ria Derkx, Inforrmation specialist from Wageningen University & Research, says ‘We are very pleased with this new ‘Read & Publish’ deal which is a new step forward in our policy to publish all publicly funded research Open Access’ 

 Rod Cookson, Managing Director from IWA Publishing, says: IWA Publishing is very excited to sign this agreement with TU Delft and Wageningen, maximising dissemination of essential research and making it as easy as possible for authors to share their work through Open Access.

 For more information on Open Access publishing at TU Delft visit this Open Access information page