Open Access Monitor

More and more TU Delft researchers opt for open access publishing

Last year, in 2019, TU Delft published 2,539 articles on open access, 298 more than in 2018. This is apparent from the annual measurement of articles and conference papers by TU Delft Library. As a result, the open access share of peer-reviewed articles has grown to 66.3%. The proportion of conference proceedings that were published with open access grew to 54.6%.

The total number of articles registered by TU Delft rose from 3,524 to 3,829. This growth of 8% translated into absolute growth in both hybrid, golf and green open access publications. Gold open access are articles published by publishers with an open access publication model, hybrid is made up of open articles that have been purchased and published in otherwise closed journals, and green open access concerns the final author versions and Taverne publications in TU Delft Repository.

What types of open access publications does TU Delft Library support?

- An incentive for open access publication comes from the Taverne amendment. As a result, short scientific works (articles, conference proceedings or book chapters) can be made available via TU Delft Repository six months after publication, at the request of the author(s). Currently, 830 publications have already been made available in this way. The project will be scaled up throughout TU Delft this year.

- TU Delft has more and more local and national agreements with publishers to enable open access. As a result, researchers do not have to pay publication costs themselves and meet the requirements of financiers such as NWO.

- Finally, TU Delft Library can help by paying (part of) the costs from the Open Access Fund, which has been in existence since 2008.

For researchers, there are many advantages to publishing in open access: more visibility for publication, re-use of the work, wider distribution among peers, and a higher chance of citation. Publishing open access is a requirement of research funders such as NWO. These requirements will be tightened up by Plan-S from 2021 onwards.

TU Delft's Open Access policy stipulates that authors must deposit an open access version of their article in TU Delft Repository. The Open Access objectives are part of the Strategic Plan Open Science 2020-2024.

The Open Access Monitor was first used for the publication year 2014, when the percentage was 24.8%.