Open Access Week special:

Dozens of publications at TU Delft OPEN Publishing

It is Open Access Week this week. At TU Delft OPEN Publishing, the TU Delft scientific publisher, academic staff can get help with the open access publishing of books, journals and textbooks. Researchers Baukje Kothuis and Junzi Sun are already using this service.

TU Delft OPEN Publishing was set up in response to a growing demand from our academic staff to publish open access. The platform facilitates researchers and lecturers in the Open Access publishing of academic books, magazines and textbooks. “With our multidisciplinary publishing platform, we provide an innovative way of publishing, and we gladly offer authors and editors our advice and support as well”, says Frédérique Belliard, Publishing Officer at TU Delft Library.

Journal of Delta Urbanism
Baukje Kothuis (CEG), together with Fransje Hooimeijer (BK) and Taneha Bacchin (BK), is launching a scientific journal on the subject of Delta Urbanism. This is a multidisciplinary field by its very nature, combining such subjects as urban development, water management, climate change and governance. “In practice, it is still quite difficult to get things off the ground among people from different disciplines. This is partly due to our institutional systems, but it is also partly due to our journals,” Kothuis says. “We hope that such an interdisciplinary journal can be one of the pieces of the puzzle that promotes mutual cooperation.”

There was never any doubt that it should be an Open Access journal, but Kothuis was pleasantly surprised by the facilities that were already in place to get started. “I visited the Library's website, because I knew they had specialists in all sorts of areas, including publishing. Soon I found a page 'publish an open access journal' and found out that there is special software for it that you can use for free.” It didn't stop there. “After one phone call I could meet up with Frédérique Belliard and Just de Leeuwe for a consultation. They are now supervising the whole process.” TU Delft Library offers support in setting up the open source software, including server space.

Textbook accompanying an open source tool
Junzi Sun (AE) is publishing a textbook to accompany an open source tool for the decoding of openly available aircraft surveillance data, the so-called Mode S data. “With the help of the book, researchers will be able to use Mode S data e.g. for trajectory analysis studies or aircraft performance modelling”, he says. “The book is already available online in a shared first version. Based on all the feedback I received on it, I am now editing the last few chapters.” The next step will be to publish an academic edition, so researchers can use it as a reference in their own papers. “To this end, we will go through a formal review process with external reviewers. The online version will then become available online for free, and the printed version can be ordered through the platform for a print fee.”

Among others, TU Delft Open Publishing will be helping with the review process by finding external reviewers. “I can recommend people from within my own network, but it is always good to have a fresh pair of eyes on your work as well”, says Sun. Since Open Access is a principle at the  chair of Communication, Navigation & Surveillance in Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM), it will not stop there. “In the future, we could also be interested in publishing our own open access journal with the Open Publishing Platform.”

Open Science
Open Access is part of TU Delft’s Open Science policy. Open Access leads to freely accessible publications, and can also help authors to increase their academic visibility and social impact. Dozens of publications have so far appeared at TU Delft Open Publishing. That is just the start of it: it is TU Delft OPEN Publishing’s  ambition to develop innovative publications, such as ‘enhanced publication’ and forms of open peer review,  and maybe even to start publishing for a wider non-scientific audience at a later stage.