Next-generation Metrics to track your impact

Knowing who is talking about your research and what they’re saying is crucial in today’s digital work of every researcher. Ensuring your work is being accurately represented and interpreted, as well as reaching the right people at the right time, can contribute to your broader impact.

With next-generation metrics - also known as altmetrics - you can start to track this information as soon as your research is published – without having to wait for citations – and engage directly with your audience.

Through the Library’s license to the worldwide altmetric database and the platform Altmetric Explorer during 2018 the staff of TU Delft were able to browse and report on all of the attention data for research published by your faculty, and to benchmark this alongside other items in the Altmetric database. 

The project has ended and the access to Altmetric Explorer has now expired.

We will continue exploring the next generation metrics and social media metrics in the future. Stay tuned and return to this page at a later stage; we’ll keep you informed about the developments.

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