Case 1: State of the art overview

This term map shows the state of the art of the field Cybersecurity according to the Scopus search of term cybersecurity. The research on Techniques, Applications and Policies are separated by red, blue and green clusters, respectively.


Shows the state of the art in a research field.


To get an overview of a research field, find how different subfields are interconnected and find the potentials opportunities for bridging the gaps between subfields.


PhD candidates, researchers, supervisors and policy makers.


Collect your data from an appropriate data source in Scopus, Web of Science or a search engine that provides a RIS format output, import it into VOSviewer and generate the term map. Either use the VOSviewer screenshot to export, or save the map file that contains all the information of visualization.


Download link file contains data.csv that consists of 2000 records extracted from Scopus, map.txt and net.txt that can be used to open the visualization in VOSviewer, and the visualization.png that is the visualization shown in this page.