Data management plans

A data management plan is a document that describes how the data will be generated or used within a given project. In a data management plan you can describe how data  will be collected, managed, stored and made available during the study, and how they will be shared upon completion of the research project.

A data management plan helps you to determine how the data can be managed efficiently, effectively and securely. In addition, planning for good data management from the start reduces the risk of data loss, data breach, or other threats that could render the data illegible or unusable (e.g. the obsolescence of software).

Official requirements for data management plans:

In addition to the benefits of having a data management plan, sometimes you might also be required to create one:

  • Preparation of a data management plan might be one of the official requirements of your funding body (all NWO, ZonMW, H2020 grant proposals).
  • All TU Delft researchers working with personal research data are required to develop a data management plan in DMPonline, by using the TU Delft template (this template can also be used for NWO and ZonMw funded projects).
  • All PhD candidates at TU Delft who started on/after 1 January 2020 will need to have their data management plan approved as part of their Go/No go meeting

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