Have you ever wondered how to implement good research data management practice across the whole university? In data management there tend to be very few (if any) one-size fit all solutions. In addition, centralised support does not always find its way to all the departments and faculties. Therefore, there is a need to offer faculty-specific help and to facilitate internal networking in the departments and across the campus.

Who are the Data Stewards

TU Delft appointed dedicated Data Stewards at every faculty with the goal of improving awareness of good research data management practices in a disciplinary manner. Data Stewards are subject experts (they have a PhD degree or comparable experience) with expertise in research data management. They are appointed directly at faculties in order to facilitate trust building, necessary for them to become the first contact points whenever advice on data management is needed.

Data Stewards enable the provision of tailored solutions for the varying disciplinary demands on data management.


More information

If you want to know more about Data Stewardship at TU Delft please contact our Data Stewardship Coordinator or drop an e-mail to the Data Steward of your faculty.