Mission and Vision


Carlos Moedas, the European Commissioner of Research, Science and Innovation, said that Open Science “is a move towards better science, to get more value out of our investment in science and to make research more reproducible and transparent”. In support of this, the European Commission estimated that about 5% of research expenditure should be spent on properly managing and stewarding data. It has also been estimated that 500.000 Data Stewards will be needed in Europe to ensure effective research data management.

TU Delft is proud to be a frontrunner of this global move towards greater openness and better collaboration on research data. In 2016, the Rector Magnificus Karel Luyben, announced the TU Delft’s Open Science programme with these words: “The world is facing challenges that our university of technology alone cannot meet.” Good research data management is a necessary prerequisite for effective data sharing and greater openness. Therefore, Data Stewardship was recognised at TU Delft as a key component of its Open Science programme.








More information

If you want to know more about Data Stewardship at TU Delft please contact our Data Stewardship Coordinator Marta Teperek or drop an e-mail to all Data Stewards: datastewards@tudelft.nl.