Support overview

Your faculty Data Steward is the first contact point for any inquiries related to research data management and sharing. Your Data Steward can offer you a broad range of support, including:

  • tailored consultations on your data management practice
  • information about data storage and backup options available to you at TU Delft
  • advice on the use of data management tools (including electronic lab notebooks and tools for software management)
  • help with data management plans and funders' policies
  • help with meeting journals' requirements for data availability
  • information about data repositories, including the 4TU.Centre for Research Data
  • advice on how to increase impact with data sharing
  • dedicated workshops and information sessions about research data management
  • information about working with confidential research data (e.g. commercially sensitive data or personally identifiable data)

To request support, fill in the request form or contact your Data Steward to explain your needs.