Essentials 4 Data Support

Essentials 4 Data Support

Essentials 4 Data Support  is an introductory course, organised by 4TU.ResearchData and its partners from Research Data Netherlands (RDNL), for those who provide support to researchers in storing, managing, archiving and sharing their research data (data-support staff).

The course will give participants a good overview of the different phases in the life cycle of scientific research data. The content of the course also covers the latest technical developments, legal considerations (GDPR) and overarching themes such as FAIR and EOSC.

The Essentials 4 Data Support course includes self-paced study and live sessions. The self-paced materials are available throughout the year, but the full course (with the live sessions) is available 3 times a year.

The next full course will take place from 10 March to 21 April and will be offered in Dutch. The next full course to take place in English will be from 14 April to 2 June.


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