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A call to students and teachers

The COVID-19 pandemic has given online education in higher education a major boost. Universities and universities of applied sciences in The Netherlands want to seize the opportunity to accelerate the digitalization of education, by stimulating the use of digital learning materials and educational resources. They have joined forces in the Acceleration Plan Educational Innovation with IT. In order to be able to choose the appropriate approach here, a short questionnaire has been developed for students as well as for teachers to gain insights into their experiences regarding digital education.

We would like to hear from students to what extend you are using digital learning resources, and how you experience this use. By digital learning materials we mean all learning materials that are not on paper, such as digital articles and video lessons. Digital learning materials or tools such as laptops and smartboards are outside the scope of this research. It is really about whether you use a paper book or the digital version. We would also like to know how teachers and teaching staff are experiencing using digital educational resources.

We would like to ask you to fill out this short survey before July 1, 2020. During these busy and stressful times, this request is not made lightly. However, we believe that especially now that digitalisation is taking a surge due to the COVID-19 crisis, it is important to stimulate the use and accessibility of digital educational resources. By participating in this research, you will help to make digital content in higher education more accessible.

Your answers are processed anonymously and are confidential. The research is completed by the independent research company ResearchNed. They will nog be able to trace answers to individual respondents. Should you have any questions or remarks regarding this questionnaire, please contact Wouter van Casteren (

It will take approximately 2 to 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Survey for students
Survey for teachers/teaching staff

This research was commissioned by the Management zone of the Acceleration Plan Educational Innovation with IT, a four-year programme in which universities of applied sciences in The Netherlands collaborate on seizing the opportunities digitalisation offers higher education in The Netherlands.

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