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Software is crucial for 21st-century research: 92% of researchers use software for their research. This project line coordinates TU Delft’s approach to ensure that critical software is sustained, that research staff are equipped both with the needed skills and expert support. And the importance of software as a critical part of the research workflow (and sometimes as exploitable intellectual property) is acknowledged and recognised.

| Importance

Software is a key part of nearly all research. From small scripts that help interpret the data acquired, to simulations that help visualize the results. Even software packages that are based on the outcomes of the research and which offer end users the possibility to do their work based on the research outcomes in their specific working field. Therefore adopting a professional approach to supporting its use in research is essential if staff are to undertake high-quality research.

| What we offer

This project will develop and facilitate various aspects of research software, including policy, infrastructure and organizational culture. Policy and guidelines are developed on software licensing. In close cooperation with the developments in FAIR Data, a supporting structure is set up providing training and support on different skill levels on software development in research.