TU Delft wins pioneer award in national ORCID campaign

Delft University of Technology has won a pioneer award in a national ORCID campaign: 58% of our researchers can be found within the ORCID database. In addition to our rising open access publishing numbers, this is another indicator that as a university we are a pioneer in prioritizing visibility and openness within our scientific work and therefore contribute to future science.

ORCID iD helps you as a researcher to claim your publications and to distinguish yourself from your peers. Name ambiguity is not uncommon in scholarly communication. 

You can compare ORCID with ISBN for books, ISSN for journals and DOI for articles and data. It ensures that other research systems and services know who you are. And – most important – that you receive credit for your academic work.

We have been granted this pioneer award by the UKB (collaboration between Dutch university libraries and the Royal Library) because we have been able to find the most researchers within the ORCID database. Final scores have been calculated by dividing the number of researchers found in ORCID by the total number of active researchers within a research institution. 3885 of 6646 Delft based researchers can be found within de ORCID-database.

Note: not all Dutch universities have gathered and submitted their numbers to the jury.