Purchase suggestion

This service is only available to students and employees from the TU Delft.

If there is a book or journal that you would like to see included in our collection. Make a purchase suggestion! If your suggestion fits within the collection and budget, we will be happy to purchase it.


Do you want to make a purchase suggestion for a book? Use the purchase suggestion form for a book (Topdesk). We will inform you if the title is purchased. Of course we do our best to deliver the book as quickly as possible. You will be notified if the delivery time is longer than normal.

If there is a longer delivery time, Interlibrary Loan. offers a solution. The book will be requested at another library and borrowed to you.

Journals and databases

Do you want to make a purchase suggestion for a journal or database? Use the Journal / database purchase suggestion form (Topdesk). To decide whether a journal or database is suitable to complement the collection, the TU Delft Library consults the faculty. Together with the faculties the library ensures a balanced composition of the collection for TU Delft employees and students. This procedure, including the subscription of the journal, takes more time than purchasing a book.

Are you only looking for a specific journal article and is it not available at the TU Delft Library? Then TU Delft Library can provide a copy or a scan from the collection of another library at no cost.

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