Access from home VPN

You have access from home to several TU Delft Library services. There are many databases and journals that can be remotely accessed by employees and students of TU Delft through a VPN connection. A VPN is a secure data network for people working from home who have an internet connection without a TU IP address, giving you access to certain services that are normally only available from a TU Delft.

All sources by Elsevier (Science Direct, Scopus) you can access from home via the A-Select connection of Surf Connect (Institutional Access).

All EBL/ Proquest e-books you can log in to with your NetId from home.

How to apply for a VPN connection: 

TU Delft Students
Click here to apply for a VPN connection (free of charge with NetID).

Manual for installing VPN.

TU Delft employees
Employees can have access from home via: 

Manual for installing VPN.

If you are not a TU Delft employee or student, you can only access to the books in the central hall and the digital collection via the special search & go computers at the book wall and information desk.