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As of Monday 1 March 2021 the TU Delft is expanding the available study places. The study places are meant for students who do not have the possibility to study at home or are having mental difficulties studying at home. Students can reserve a place by themselves on Office Shifts.

Please note: Reservation is compulsory! All study workplaces are corona-proof, so please follow the measures on campus.

In the Library, students with a reservation have the opportunity to relax and meet each other during their breaks on the social seats. They can also use Digital Meeting Points for online meetings.

Note: A reservation is mandatory! The use of the social seats is automatically included with a study place reservation. All places are corona-proof. Read the TU Delft Library COVID-19 measures carefully before coming to the Library.

From Monday 1 March, Pulse and the Science Centre will also offer (study) places. Click here for an overview of all available places on the TU campus.

Opening hours until 28 February 2021

Mo  08:30-17:00
Tu  08:30-17:00
We  08:30-17:00
Thu  08:30-17:00
Fr  08:30-17:00
Sa  closed
Su  closed

Opening hours as of 1 March 2021

Mo  08:00-18:00
Tu  08:00-18:00
We  08:00-18:00
Thu  08:00-18:00
Fr  08:00-18:00
Sa  08:00-18:00
Su  08:00-18:00

Referral student counsellor
Are you a student at TU Delft and due to circumstances in (urgent) need of a study place in the Library? Please contact your student counsellor to get a priority on a study place.

Booking is mandatory
Making an online reservation for a study place in the Library is mandatory. 

How to book a study place
You can choose from a morningshift (8:30-12:30 hrs) or an afternoon shift (13:00-17:00 hrs).

As of Monday 1 March, this ill be extended to a morning shift (08:00-12:00, 08:30-12:30 and 09:00-13:00) or an afternoon shift (13:00-17:00, 13:30-17.30 and 14:00-18:00)

  • Go to the website of Office Shifts
  • Click Sign in.
  • Log in with your TU Delft NetID. The opening screen will appear, where you can see how often and when you can reserve a study place. Click Continue.
  • Click on the day on which you want to reserve a study place.
  • Choose the desired 'Office'/timeslot on which you want to reserve a study place. You can only choose one part of the day.
  • Choose the desired 'Floor'/floor of your study place.
  • Choose the desired 'Area'/space in which you want to reserve a study place.
  • Check your reservation and click on Continue. You will receive a confirmation on screen.

Rules of the game

  • Your reservation always concerns one study place and not a whole (project) space. This way we can offer more people a study place.
  • Reservations start and close at midnight.
  • Reservations are personal and non-transferable.
  • Cancel reservations: Not coming? Please cancel your reservation in Office Shifts, given the limited number of study places. You can do this by clicking on the check mark next to the date you made your reservation. Then press Delete Shift. Would you like to cancel your reserved study place on the day of your reservation? If so, please let us know via the cancellation form.  
  • Late: If you are one hour late (or later), we will give your place to a fellow student.

Click here for all opening hours of the facilities within the Library.
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