Computers & Wifi

TU Library has over 1250 study places, of which several have a computer with docking station. Download a Plug and Play driver once via DisplayLink to use the docking station These places are in the Glass Room (on the left hand side of the Library building).

Employees/students of TU Delft

When you are an employee or student at TU Delft your NetID gives you access to your own files, library catalogue and online collection of TU Delft Library (e-books, e-journals, databases and other information).

Wireless internet connection
You have free access to Eduroam, the wireless network of TU Delft

Connection with network cable
For a faster and more stable connection on your laptop, you can use the so called ‘flexible network’. In the Library you will find outlets for the flexible network in all rooms. These are marked with the term 'Active'.

Using the flexible network is easy: only when you use it for the very first time, you need to log in (handleiding), then you only need to plug in your laptop to get a connection with the network. If you have not got a network cable, you can borrow one at the information desk of the Library.

TU Delft Library visitors

Visitors of TU Delft Library can use the search & go computers at the information desk to search in the collection.

Visitors who are only on campus for one day can request access to the eduroam Wi-Fi network themselves. The telephone number and the day code for requesting access can be found on the Netpresenter screens at the servicedesks, or can be requested at the service desk. Visitors send the code of the day by sms to the indicated phone number. They will then receive a username and password by SMS, with which the visitors can login to the eduroam Wi-Fi network on that day. 




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