When you enter the TU Delft Library, just inside the doors on your right you will find the Coffee-star: an espresso bar where you can get a fair trade cup of coffee with beans from roastery Hortus. Roastery Hortus is located at the TU Delft Botanical Garden. Working with people with limited access to the labor market we try to get the best flavour out of the coffee bean.

The Coffee Star has a sustainable character. In the product range we try to include as many plant-based items as possible. The coffee grounds are collected to give vegetable gardens in Delft a fertile breeding ground. There is also a deposit on the bottles we use and we use the Billie Cup (recycled multi-use cups). If you need your own mug or thermos filled up, we’re happy to do so.

Besides sweet treats, you can also go there for different types of croissants, sandwiches and paninis.

Opening times Coffee-star

Monday to Sunday 08:00 - 20:00
Monday to Sunday (during exam periods) 08:00 - 22:00


Living Room

When entering TU Delft Library, you will find the Living Room directly on your left. There you can sit, warm up food in the microwaves or buy food, drink or supplies from the vending machines

Please note that all payments at the vending machines are contactless.