Academic Browser for iPad and iPhone

The Academic Browser delivers fast access to licensed research material by providing quick and simple access to licensed resources whenever, wherever you’re doing research on your iPad or iPhone.

When you come across a resource, eBook or article the TU Delft Library licenses or could gain access to, the browser will notify you. After that, you can access the resource with one click.

Take full advantage of the resources the TU Delft Library provides while getting the added benefit of open access materials when you hit a barrier (which is probably more than you think).

After installing Academic Browser, click the Library Icon in the top of the browser,
select ‘TU Delft’, and you’re good to go!

Special features of the app:

  • Use off campus for seamless access to your institute’s licensed materials
  • Works on iPad and iPhone to help you continue your research wherever you are
  • No VPN needed
  • Familiar user interface, look and feel
  • Provides the same functionality you are used to in the Lean Library extension
  • Does not collect personal data

Please note: the app is still under construction. We would like to hear your comments so we will be able to share them with the developers of the app. Please send your observations to