Access anywhere with Lean Library

Lean Library - Access to research anytime, anywhere


When you browse and search the internet for articles, journals or databases you may find content licensed by us. However, if you are not on campus or not connected to the campus network, the website you visit does not know and will not give you access to web pages or publications. Or worse, asks you to pay for access (paywall).

In these cases, the Lean Library Browser Extension will automatically show you a notification and give you access to the licensed content offered by the library.


1. Simplified browser access
Quick access to digital content provided by TU Delft Library. Spend less time searching for the PDF or other full-text information.

2. Alternative options
When you hit a paywall, or we do not have a license for the website you’re on, Lean Library checks automatically for an alternative (licensed or open access) and will provide a link to the content.

3. Accessible from anywhere
The Lean Library browser extension provides quick and simple access whether you’re working abroad, in a neighbourhood coffee shop, or at home.

4. Time saving
Using Lean Library improves your workflow because you spend less time searching for research material.

5. Search the Library catalogue
Highlight any text on a webpage, right-click the text and select ‘Search TU Delft Catalog’. The text will be used as a search term in WorldCat Discovery. PS The search doesn’t yet work in Safari.

Download the Lean Library browser extension
Want to use this free Library service? Download the extension. You’ll have access with a few simple steps. 

Install the extension, select TU Delft under institution and you are ready to go.

After downloading, the extension will notify you when you’re on a website that contains licensed material. Then, it’s just a single click to open the site through the Library’s systems and get access to all licensed material on that site.

The Lean Library browser extension works on desktops and laptops only and is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari and iOS. The extension is no longer available for Internet Explorer (IE). If you are still using IE please remove the extension from IE and use another browser for this service.

The browser extension shows an icon in the bookmarks bar. It works almost like a traffic light. If the icon is green, then you have access. A grey icon means that access is prohibited. If the material you’d like to use doesn’t seem accessible, the browser extension will automatically check if there is an Open Access version available. If it is, it will present you with a pop-up message with direct access to the article.

What about my privacy?
By using the Lean Library browser extension you will remain completely anonymous. The extension doesn’t collect any personal information unless you actively share it. And it doesn’t collect your IP address or your device’s unique device IDs either.

Do you want know more? Here you can find the privacy statement of the extension.