Energy Challenge

To mark the 180th anniversary of TU Delft, we are taking time to consider our role in the energy transition. The energy transition is an important weapon in the fight against climate change and with around 1,000 researchers in the field of energy, TU Delft is well equipped to help accelerate this transition. We are keen to get our students involved too, not only because of their fresh perspective and creativity, but also because ultimately this issue will affect everyone's lives, professionally and personally. The Energy Challenge can help us train engineers who are ready to face the future.


We accelerate the energy transition for a better society. Ongoing research, collaborations, new initiatives and labs, and the training of engineers for a sustainable world, we do it all to accelerate the energy transition. It is a complex issue and a great challenge, but that is all the more reason to do everything we can. The ultimate goal: a clean, affordable, safe and reliable energy system.

The university has many scientists doing research, but is that all we can contribute? The faculties and student associations are also joining the mission. To find out what they do exactly, we spoke to René Voorwalt from LIFE, Jip Kuiper from Practische Studie and Frederieke Backelandt from Technologisch Gezelschap. These are respectively the study associations of Life Science and Technology, Civil Engineering and Molecular Science and Technology. We asked them a couple of questions: