Oceans and seas have the potential to play a significant role in providing clean energy. Ocean energies can supply electricity, drinking water and other products at competitive prices, contributing to local employment growth, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and help our societies transit to an emission's free future.

As the interest in ocean energies is continuously growing, the Delft Energy Initiative (DEI) founded the TU Delft Ocean Energy Platform, with the aim to bring together TU Delft researchers to share their knowledge and learn from others working on this topic. There are various types of ocean energy technologies that can exploit the potential contained in our seas, such as tidal energy, wave energy, ocean thermal energy conversion, aquatic biomass and salinity gradient energy, were presented at the Ocean Energy Platform (OEP)

These were followed by an intense discussions between all participants who are working in this field or are intending to do so in the future. Following the enthusiastic and successful meeting, the steering board of the TU Delft Ocean Energy Platform decided to utilise the expertise found at the University, promoting and developing the research activities within the energy community, at TU Delft and beyond. 

Steering Committee

TU Delft Community

Bendriks Jan Boersma

3mE - Process and Energy

Gerard van Bussel

LR - Wind Energy

Piero Colonna

AE - Propulsion and Power

Carlos Infante Ferreira

3mE - Process and Energy

Kas Hemmes

TPM - Sectie Tech.Dynamica & Dz.Ontw

Martijn Henriquez

CiTG - Coastal Engineering

René Huismans

3mE - Ship hydrodynamics

Wiebren de Jong

3mE - Process and Energy

Henk de Koning Gans

3mE- Section Ship Hydromechanics & Structures

Gijsbert Korevaar

TPM - Energy and Industry

Robert Jan Labeur

CiTG - Environmental Fluidmechanics

Eliz-Mari Laurens

CiTG - Offshore wind

Mark van Loosdrecht

TNW - Environmental Biotechnology

Andrei Metrikine

CiTG - Offshore Engineering

Sape Miedema3mE - Offshore and Dredging Engineering

Mathieu Pourquie

3mE - Fluid Mechanics

René Pecnic

3ME - Process and Energy

Julie Pietrzak

CiTG - Environmental Fluidmechanics

Dirk Roekaerts

3mE - Fluid Mechanics

Carlos Simao Ferreira

AE - Wind energy Fluid Structure Interactions

Marcel Stive

CiTG - Coastal Engineering

Tom van Terwisga

3mE - Ship Hydromechanics & Structures

Ad van der Toorn

CiTG - Hydraulic Structures and Flood Risk

Wim Uittewaal

CiTG - Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Merel Verbeek

CiTG - Environmental Fluidmechanics (PhD-candidate)

Jan Willem van Wingerden

3mE - Control